Our Company

DIZAC, S.A. de C.V., was founded in 1975 as importer, distributor and representative of foreign suppliers on the area of edibles, consumer products and cosmetics, currently positioned with a very attractive commercial position and distribution option for factories and commercial companies in general.

In November 1975, it initiates its operations with 12 employees and 4 lines of products.
At the moment we have more than 300 employees and 10 lines of exclusive products.
We have a distribution network with coverage in all El Salvador to Wholesalers, Supermarket chains, Retailers, mom-and-pop shops, convenience stores, drugstores, schools, hotels and restaurants
The number of clients in wholesale and supermarket are 1300 customers.
And we have a Retail store base of more than 19,000 clients nationwide.

Our sales force is composed of:

1 Commercial Manager

Wholesale channel
1 Wholesale manager, 1 Supervisor, 9 Salesmen, 1 Merchandising Supervisor, 20 Merchandisers, 10 Product Promoters

Supermarket channel
1 Supermarkets Manager, 8 salesmen, 2 Merchandising Supervisors, 41 Merchandisers, 19 Product Promoter

Retail Channel
2 Retail Managers, 1 Retail Coordinator, 7 Retail Supervisors, 72 Salesmen